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Posted by Kamyar Mehdiyoun, Esq. | Feb 07, 2021

Learning that you have been selected by the IRS or by a state taxing authority for a tax audit can be understandably stressful. During a tax audit, a well-trained government employee will probe your financial affairs by examining your tax returns and other financial documents for any evidence of tax evasion. Small businesses and self-employed individuals are targeted for tax audits more frequently than other taxpayers. Once selected for an audit, the likelihood that you will be found to owe taxes at the end of the audit process is very high. An auditor may also find that you are guilty of tax fraud, which in addition to civil fines may subject you to criminal penalties. Therefore, it is critical that you be well-prepared to handle the examination process.

In order to conduct a tax audit, a government agent may visit you at home or at your business. You may also be asked to appear at a local IRS or state government office. In a correspondence audit, you will be contacted through the mail and will be asked to send supporting information or documents to the IRS or to the state taxing agency.

Skillful state tax representation is crucial for achieving favorable results after a tax audit. If you have been selected for a state tax audit, contact our state tax audit attorney to learn how we can help you during the examination process.

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