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IRS Wage Garnishment Help Maryland

Posted by Kamyar Mehdiyoun, Esq. | Oct 22, 2023

Are you facing IRS wage garnishment in Maryland? You're not alone, and IRS wage garnishment help in Maryland is here for you. My name is Kamyar Mehdiyoun, and I'm a leading tax attorney in the state. I've helped countless Maryland residents like you navigate the complexities of IRS wage garnishments. In this resource, you'll discover invaluable insights and practical solutions to reclaim your financial freedom.

What Is Wage Garnishment?

Wage garnishment is a legal procedure that allows a creditor, including the IRS, to directly withhold a portion of your earnings to satisfy a debt you owe. It's a serious action that can dramatically impact your financial life, leaving you with less income to meet your basic needs.

The IRS Wage Garnishment Process

The IRS will send a series of notices before initiating a wage garnishment, also known as a wage levy. Ignoring these notices or failing to make an arrangement will lead to a Final Notice of Intent to Levy. You will have 30 days from this final notice to take action.

The wage garnishment process is a last-resort measure by the IRS to collect unpaid taxes. It allows the IRS to legally seize a portion of your wages directly from your employer. The amount garnished depends on several factors, including your filing status and number of dependents.

To stop the wage garnishment, you can either pay the owed amount in full or negotiate an alternative payment plan with the IRS. Options include an Installment Agreement or an Offer in Compromise. Failure to act within the 30-day window may result in significant financial hardship.

If you find yourself facing wage garnishment, it's crucial to consult a tax professional for tailored advice. For Maryland residents, our firm specializes in IRS legal representation and can assist you in navigating this complex process.

Rights and Limitations

The IRS must adhere to several rules when it comes to garnishing your wages. There are limits to how much can be taken, and you are entitled to exemptions based on your filing status and dependents.

Maryland Salary Lien: A Long-term Challenge You Can't Ignore

A salary lien, unlike a typical wage garnishment, is an extended financial commitment that affects not just your income but potentially all your assets. If you find yourself facing a salary lien in Maryland, it's crucial to understand what you're up against.

How to Stop Wage Garnishment

Stopping wage garnishment involves either paying the debt in full, setting up a payment plan, or proving financial hardship. Each option has its pros and cons, but acting quickly can help you avoid lasting financial damage.

Negotiating with the IRS

Negotiating with the IRS is challenging but not impossible. Having a skilled tax attorney on your side can make the process easier and more favorable for you. Some negotiation options include Offer in Compromise and Installment Agreements.

Reclaim Your Financial Freedom

Once a wage garnishment is lifted, it's crucial to keep up with tax obligations to prevent future garnishments. You can take steps to ensure you're financially secure, such as creating a budget, setting up an emergency fund, and consulting a financial advisor.

Act Now for a Secure Financial Future

If you're facing IRS wage garnishment in Maryland, waiting is not an option. The longer you wait, the more difficult it becomes to resolve the issue. Contact Kamyar Mehdiyoun, your Maryland Tax Attorney, to discuss your options and begin the process of freeing yourself from the burden of wage garnishment.

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