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Shawnee Harper Recommends Kamyar Mehdiyoun, Esq.

I retained Mr Kamyar Mehdiyoun back in August of 2016. I owed approximately 25K in back taxes to the IRS. I contacted Mr. Mehdiuon due to a tax levy. I called his office on a Sunday and Kamyar returned the call early Monday morning. Mr. Mehdiyoun gave me a few options to think about and explained what needed to be done ASAP. He emailed me all the necessary paperwork to give him power of attorney and to sign the retainer. Once he received all the necessary signed paperwork the ball was definitely rolling and rolling fast. As far as the bank levy Kamyar retrieved 97% of my money back. And he explained where that 3% went. Mr. Mehdiyoun worked with the IRS in my behalf and came to a temporary settlement. This was until all the necessary paperwork was completed for the Offer and Comprise stage. We are now in the Offer and Comprise status with the IRS. We should have a ruling in April as to whether or not they accepted our offer. And I'm hopeful. If you are looking for an attorney that is going to have your back….Look no further Kamyar Mehdiyoun is the attorney for you! I'll give you another example as to why you need not look any further. Kamyar sent an email stating he was going on vacation and if anything should come up to contact his secretary. Lord and behold. The IRS levied my paycheck. I contacted his office and his secretary was very helpful and explained he was out of the country and she would contact him immediately. The secretary explained she needed me to calm down and wait on his advice. God Bless, Mr. Mehdiyoun explained what he needed me to do while he was out of the country. And to let him know asap via email and I did. I didn't receive a full paycheck for 3 pay periods. However, Mr. Mehdiyoun got the levy released and a full refund on the 3 pay periods they took my paycheck. I could not have found a better attorney!

February 2017

– Shawnee Harper

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