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Federal Tax Issues

  • IRS Bank Levies: Assisting individuals and businesses in Maryland, DC, and VA to release or prevent IRS seizures of bank account funds for unpaid taxes.
  • Failure to File and Failure to Pay Tax Penalties: Advising clients on how to navigate the penalties associated with not filing tax returns or failing to pay taxes owed.
  • Innocent Spouse Relief: Offering legal advice and representation for those seeking relief from tax liabilities caused by a spouse or former spouse.
  • IRS Installment Plan Agreements: Guiding clients through the process of setting up manageable payment plans with the IRS to pay off tax debts over time.
  • IRS Offer in Compromise: Negotiating settlements with the IRS to reduce the total tax debt owed, based on an inability to pay the full amount.
  • IRS Tax Audits: Providing expert representation and advice during IRS audits to ensure compliance and mitigate potential consequences.
  • IRS Tax Levies: Legal solutions for stopping or releasing levies imposed by the IRS on wages, bank accounts, or other assets.
  • IRS Tax Liens: Helping clients remove or mitigate the impact of federal claims against their property due to unpaid taxes.
  • IRS Tax Seizures: Legal assistance in cases where the IRS has seized property or assets as part of tax collection efforts, aiming for release or compromise.
  • Penalties for Tax Fraud: Defending individuals or entities facing allegations of intentional deception or misrepresentation in tax-related matters.
  • Tax Court Litigation: Representing clients in federal tax court to dispute IRS claims or penalties, striving for favorable outcomes through skilled litigation.
  • IRS Wage Garnishments: Providing legal solutions for individuals whose wages are being garnished by the IRS due to back taxes or other tax liabilities.

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