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Elizabeth in Maryland Recommends Kamyar Mehdiyoun, Esq.

Kamyar Mehidiyoun, Esq. is the right choice! Prior to finding Tax Lawyer Kamyar Mehdiyoun in May 2013, I was chased by the IRS for delinquent taxes from a previous marriage…for the past 16 years! I'm sure I'm not the first spouse that signed a joint return without first doing a line-by-line audit. I innocently trusted my former spouse. Two years after filing the tax return, the IRS determined delinquent taxes were due – from both parties. Both parties are liable for the full amount, because both spouses signed the return. I have since then fought battle after battle with the IRS to proclaim my innocence.14 years later, after the first notice and attempt to collect the delinquent taxes from the joint return…

I received notice from my bank that my mortgage payment did not go through due to “insufficient funds” in my checking account. I thought the bank had made a mistake and must have the incorrect account number. I was shocked when I was informed that the IRS had cleaned out my checking account! The IRS levied every penny that I had to my name to pay for the delinquent taxes from the previous marriage. I was horrified and didn't have a dime left to even buy food or put gas in my car to go to work.I was frantic, and was in desperate search of a tax attorney.

Based upon my experience of calling a few advertised establishments, I learned that

1) What you see on the TV commercials, where they claim that they can get your back taxes reduced to less than XX% and only pay pennies on the dollar is not an accurate representation.

2) You will not be represented by a licensed tax attorney, but rather a tax negotiator/representative

3) A hefty retainer upfront, which is ridiculous! If had the money for the retainer, I could have paid off the tax bill.During my search, I came across Kaymar Mehdiyoun, Esq.'s advertisement. I called and left a message. To my surprise, I actually got a call back within a reasonable amount of time. Mr. Mehdiyoun was not only professional, but he actually listened and was already thinking about the best defense to help my case. This is even before I was asked to come in, or was asked to provide a hefty retainer. I was impressed that he was truly concerned about my situation, and not just adding more to his case file to increase his bottom line. His fees are very reasonable.

Also, as with any attorney, Mr. Mehdiyoun did not guarantee a positive outcome to my case. He did however, made me feel very confident that he will fight for my rights and get the best possible result as his client. Throughout the entire ordeal, he has been very responsive to my calls and emails, which I only contacted him when it was really necessary. I was never made to feel that my question/concern wasn't important. He truly cares! I am so lucky to have found him!

Lastly, I've never written a review for any occasion. However, the way Kamyar Mehdiyoun, Esq. handled my case truly deserves praise! I would highly recommend him to anyone who's seeking legal counsel in matters relating to taxes.Thank you Mr. Mehdiyoun for the successful outcome of my innocent spouse case and getting my levied funds returned. More importantly, for ending the chase and fear from the IRS. At last, I can move on with my life.

– Elizabeth in Maryland

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